Rikki is a Singer/Recording Artist and Actress who also spends her free time on art and photography.  She has been acting since age 2. When she hit age 7 she stared in a short film called Messy Women and Worked on Animal Planets Comedy show called Animal Kidding starring Dave Coulier  (Full House) she filmed 3 episodes before the show went off air. When she was 13 she started singing and performing with bands doing tributes to classic rock bands. At age 15 to pursue her acting career she worked in music videos with Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mindless Behavior, and Disturbed and was one of the New Faces of Coca-Cola in 2012.  Now she is working on her Album Paperboats with producer Jonathan Beuzieron and just released her Single and Music Video for Chains.


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