Rikki is a Actress/Singer-songwriter from Los Angeles CA, who has been working on making music with her producer for over 5 years. She is releasing two new singles this year (2018) "Young Love" and "Thrillist". Her influences are artists such as Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey, Sia, The Turtles, & Radiohead. Her first single is "Chains" which was released in 2016 

When she turned 7 she started acting and worked on Animal Planets comedy show "Animal Kidding" starring Dave Coulier (Full House). She filmed 3 episodes before the show went off the air. She was 13 when she started singing and performing with groups doing tributes to classic rock bands. She has worked in music videos with Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mindless Behavior, Ariana Grande and Disturbed and was one of the New Faces of Coca-Cola in 2012.


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